We are your Sisters in Diversity

Supporting international Expats to have the best life possible in The Netherlands

Who are the Sisters in Diversity?

We help international expats like you, to have a happy landing in the Netherlands, without becoming Dutch.

Whether it's just temporarily or permanent, moving to the Netherlands can be quite a challenge. Not just practicalities like vermits, registraties and paperwork, but also settling in your new environment can be stressful. 

How we help you to shine as YOU & understand Dutch culture in your new place called Home?

With e-books, courses, tips & tricks and tailormade coaching sessions from real international Sisters here in the Netherlands, we support you in this process.

To overcome cultural biases, the process always starts with awareness and insights.  As experts in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging we have made it our mission to accompagny you on your integration journey here in the Netherlands. And find your place in Dutch society faster, smarter and happier. Without losing your own identy!

Your Sisters love to inspire you, give you the confidence you need and get you excited and motivated. Your talent will not go to waste. Join us today, you deserve it!

Your American Sister Adelina 

Adelina Grace

My name is Adelina.

It's a pleasure talking to you today.

I am a qualified US nurse. I moved to The Netherlands in 2020 at the age of 24 years old to be with my Dutch husband Robbie. Leaving the US and everything that was familiar to me, has been quite a challenge.  So many steps to take, so many differences to take in to count and so many great challenges and adventures ahead of me still! I vlog and record my journey on TikTok and got so many followers in a short amount of time, you guys really seem to get a kick out of it, maybe you‘d like to learn Dutch culture along with me, a fellow American! 

On my TikTok account I received over 20K followers on this journey so I decided to help you guys out more with your Culture Gap Challenges here. Together with my Sisters Anita & Marian (both Dutch Culture experts) we provide support to help you integrate well in the Netherlands.

Together we can make your touch-down in NL quicker, better & faster.

As your Sisters who understand your situation 100%, we are here to help you guys.  So you can be the most succesful YOU  in Holland, without becoming Dutch!

Your Dutch Sisters

Anita Boer

My name is Anita Boer. Here I want to share with you why my heart glows when I  help other women.

It all started in my life at age 12. My parents decided to move. On the surface not a big change, just 60 kilometres further down the province. From a city to the countryside was apparently the biggest change. Without being prepared for what the new environment would offer me, I just followed my parents and registered at a new school. Already at the first day at the new school, I was in shock. I didn't understand the 'unwritten' rules of the other teenagers. As a result, I was bullied during the next 5 years and it still sometimes gives me a very unconformable feeling not being understood. I felt alone and not part of the group.

Years later, after working in international roles and travelling the world, I realised this childhood experience happened to me for a reason. I quit my job and I started my own business in creating Cultural Awareness. My mission is to teach and inspire people how to have a bigger heart for each other.

Marian Ellens, MSc, BCC

What maybe is illustrative of who I am and what I live for: I always strive to inspire people to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. Both my parents were school teachers, some might think it’s in the genes. As an adolescent I thought not (of course). As many teenagers, I was not so much into becoming a teacher as they were, but studied Fonetics & Business Science, which I both finished with degrees. But along my international career in many corporates, traveling between jobroles like Account Manager to Business Unit Manager, I found my true passion & purpose. It is in helping & inspiring others to move to the next level. To face Fear and make a Change, stretch and have amazing Fun while doing so. I have started my own Training Agency  in 2004 Xellens and this is it; I am where I am supposed to be, I belong here in this Field.
 Learning everyday myself from inspiring other people, like you and my dear partner Anita. Some day you just feel you belong at a certain place. For me, it’s here. With you.

Very willing to serve you all in your Learning Journies, dear Sisters! With Passion.

What our international Brothers & Sisters say

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We are all biased, so was I

I always thought I just missed the 'touch' for having a great social live in NL. But I was biased too. Now I use my American background & culture, and guess what. It works! Never felt more happy in a foreign country as today!


Next level progress in my career in the Netherlands

I replaced my frustration for success. Applied 3 Tips and just signed my new contract. Thanks Sisters!


Make a USP out of your culture
I truly loved this; diversity as a key word but being so stuck in the Netherlands and it's directness. Now I have found my way. Great support from these Sisters!