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A great start 

This E-book is a great read and it really helped me to be more confidentpreparing for my arrival as an American to Holland! Thanks Sisters, your rock!

A great Journey

The event of setling in a new country is quite a journey. The Netherlands is know to be a friendly, tolerant and open culture to land in. But, a journey like this is never easy. We as your Sisters know. Adelina Grace, our American Sister who moved to The Netherlands for love, has experienced success and failure during the integration process. Not only from an organisational point, but culturally as well. Her reported emigration journey on TikTok got so many hits and many videos went viral,  we decided to get to the next level of supporting you guys!Sisters in Diversity are here to help you in a fun and practical way. Making you appreciate Dutch culture even more. And stay true to your own American culture as well.

A Win-Win situation for your stay as an American who goes Dutch!

CARE is all about Cultural Awareness & Real life Experience.

We call this CARE. We CARE for you all, you coureageous expats moving here. Being fully prepared will make you feel more confident and comfortable.  Not pretending to be Dutch, since you are the best version of yourself. We help you. So You can be YOU.

Sisters in Diversity is the label for international expats like you, who are looking for a great (permanent) stay in the Netherlands. 

In our Free-book "A 10 Step Guide for American Touchdown in The Netherlands' you will start off smarter, faster and happier.


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