Engaged to be 'Hired'?

Have you ever had the experience and that great feeling of being fully engaged into something? Maybe engaged to be fit and healthy, or as many of us dreamed of, engaged to be married? The thrill that you feel every second that you at the doorstep of a great event that will change your life? Your future?

Maybe you've had this feeling already multiple times in your life. But did you ever felt ‘engaged to be Hired’?

So how does this ressonate to you right now? You are an international student in a different country with a different background and culture. Maybe at some point you might feel like you've arrived on another planet. With this Dutch culture that is so different to yours at many levels, that can make you feel uncomfortable and fill you with self-doubt.

We want to reassure you here. After some first challenging interview experiences getting your next career step here in the Netherlands, you might feel that way. If you get rejection after rejection, your confidence might suffer from it. And this self-doubt might lead to frustration and even a slight depression. And we know this from lots of your non-Dutch students we speak on a daily basis.

The Dutch workplace is awaiting you to join and contribute with everything you bring. You are worthy with all your limitless talents and cultural background to any dream job you could wish for.

Get your Student Interview Success (SIS) from your Sisters now.  We will help you to get this feeling of ‘being engaged’ back!
Instantly, because you are ‘engaged to be hired’.

Sisters in Diversity as your best ‘Career Planners’ ever

We are your most dedicated job-planners ever. We will guide you here in the Netherlands and make you shine at any interview. Without you becoming Dutch.
By supporting you in the Dutch Culture AND staying your true YOU.

So say YES! today, and change your professional future here in the Netherlands. Embrace your Diversity, mix and match you valuable culture with the Dutch one and get back on the stearing wheel with your powerful personal leadership.  You are stearing your future with this big YES today!

I say YES today, https://sistersindiversity.plugandpay.nl/checkout/job-interview-coaching >>

Thriving is so much better together, we are your best ‘Best (wo-)men’.

At your service, your Sisters in Diversity, 

Anita & Marian

About the author
Marian (Hilversum, the Netherlands) is an experienced Training Expert & L&D Manager since 2004. "My biggest passion is to develop people, getting the highest results on all professional levels". Her drive for Excellence has led to her own company Xellens (2004) which delivers Consultancy, Program Management and Training on several journeys that Lead to Customer Excellence. Her most recent customers vary from Unilever, Johnson Controls International, MSD, NIKE, KLM-Air France, Johnson & Johnson and several other Multinationals. Her areas of expertise focus on Communication with Impact, Negotiation & Selling Skills, Customer Experience, Servant & Courageous Leadership, Cultural Change, Diversity, Innovation and Personal Development. All these factors contribute to new ways and possibilities for her customers to stay sharp and in poleposition in their current competitive markets. She has been at the start of worlwide Academies for multinationals like Johnson & Johnson. Marian has high energy and passion for Learning & Development, which was part of her professional career of 26 years. During those years she was responsible for different Business Units (IT), Sales & Marketing or General Management leading positions, set-up of new Innovation oriented Project departments in several sectors like IT, Technical Services, Pharma and Industrial markets. She loves to get people to their next level, creating constructif growth in Companies based on Talent Development. Circulair learning as in Circular Building. She has done multiple projects where she constructed several Learning Academies and Talent Models that are still used and have proven their Effectiveness and Value. She is frequently asked as keynote speaker, mediator and presenter and recommend for her speed in connecting different aspects of issues, constructive thinking with Humor or Moderator during Challenging times. With a Masters in a technical area (Phonetics, Speech Automation), she finished Business School during her first job, and has currently two additional post Masters’ degrees on Customer Experience and Multi Channel Marketing. Also she is a certified MBTI Consultant, NLP Master Practicioner, DISC certified consultant, Ned Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument consultant, WorkPlaceBig 5 certified consultant, and an experienced Public Speaker, with several certifications (a.o. Black Belt Power Presenter). Recently (2020) she graduated from Robbins Madanes Training her Core100 BCCoach Program. Speaking several foreign languages fluently (Dutch, English, French and German), she is able to adapt easily to different cultures and work environments worldwide. Also Diversity is the spice of life and the foundation under any form of succes. She lived in different countries and is a passionate traveler-explorer. Privateley Marian contributes to the Soroptimists with Passion, doing all kind of world wide project to achieve equal rights on safety, development & education, and rights for Women. Walking, running, a healthy Lifestyle, Sustainablity are Big Interests for her; making the world and people better every day might sumarize it all best. Her son Koen (18) once described her: “ My mum just loves Learning & People so much, I just wished I had her during my High School. She makes Learning just a better Experience!”.
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