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About us

Applying for a job is not easy.
You have not managed to succeed yet and maybe are even about to give up.  
My Dutch is not good enough, I don't understand the questions.
Did I manage to answer the way I wanted to? It makes you insecure and you leave it as it is. 

Which we feel is wasted talent! You are unique and not being Dutch is a very positive asset.
This is what we believe in and that is why we are here for you to help you. 
Become confident and feel comfortable during the application process.
Sisters in Diversity will help you achieve this. Anything you aim for.

Sisters in Diversity, Anita and Marian, we have more than 20 years experience (each of us) in working in international roles and settings. We are passionate about women leadership! Sisters in Diversity is here for non-Dutch women who want to get their dream job in the Dutch workplace. We help you being prepared, understand the process and find a job that is a great match for who you are.

Get started today, you deserve it! We've got you covered.

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